[thaumázō] –  to wonder, to admire, to be amazed (ancient Greek)

There are three responses to a piece of design—yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.

(Milton Glaser, Designer)

If you have an idea for a book in mind, you already know what it should say. You are an expert on the content.

But publishing is about more than good content: You want to reach people - and inspire them!

The "how" is at least as important as the "what".

See the potential
Ideas want to grow

Take it to the next level

There may be a manuscript sitting your drawer for years already.

Perhaps you are an expert in a new field of study, or you might know of a market gap that urgently needs to be closed.

Maybe you have already published a number of works, but this time you would like to take the lead in implementing them yourself.

Or maybe you have a defined project that you want to revise and improve.

As soon as your decision is ripe that you want to take action, we should talk! 

Seize the opportunity
Ideas taking shape

Shape the concept, find your scope

In the past, a publication necessarily was a print book. And people wrote either for their secret drawer at home or for a public readership. But which readers were addressed and what exactly they wanted to read this was decided and defined solely by the publishing house. The bigger the publisher the tighter the corset. Today - in the digital age – writers can be entrepreneurs, and readers often choose their authors before publishers 'discover' them.

Many traditional publishing companies stumble with digital transformation. Authors are often experienced influencers with a strong community and wide reach. And brands understand content and often reach target groups much better than media representatives themselves. Today‘s publishing offers a variety of opportunities to stand out, share your idea and touch people. At the end of the day, a classic print book may play only a subordinate role no role at all in your publishing strategy.

Achieve your goals
Ideas become reality

From plan to project: Let's get started!

With a clear concept in mind of where you are headed, what follows is "only" craftsmanship and work left to do. Even projects that are demanding in terms of design require clean planning and reliable project management. Conversely, creative ideas should be given their space, even if publishing pursues clear business goals driven by numbers; your readers will thank you for it.

In addition to project experience and industry knowledge, we rely on experienced team players, a good deal of flexibility and an agile way of thinking - should something change on the way. If the finished product triggers your enthusiasm, our goal is achieved. 


What really matters

Quality and pioneering spirit

Innovative projects and trending topics also benefit from the value and aesthetics of print. It does not diminish the importance of digital channels and community power, but it helps to clarify positions and deepen debates.

Art and Paper Culture

In addition to channel and media diversity, physical products complete your portfolio. Art prints and accessories offer new points of contact in everyday life and turn readers into designers themselves. 

Reading and learning

Teaching materials and course books should not only make competence tangible and impart knowledge.
Aesthetics and a creative element make content easier to absorb - even for adults.

Arrangement and design

Periodicals find the middle way between the fast pace of digital life and the value of print. With a coherent positioning and a sophisticated design, journals and magazines have great potential.

Material and format

Market segment, target group, genre and distribution channels, all this influences the type and format of your publication, as well as the choice of materials. It may be advisable to follow the industry etiquette - or to deliberately break typical patterns.

Advice and expertise

Competence and experience are not only important for the quality of the content - but also in the process of creation, design and publication. Many hands will transform a final manuscript into a book.


Do you have questions, feedback, or would you like to know more about our work?

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Caroline Helbing is a philosopher, analyst and e-commerce expert. Good stories are her passion. She is just as concerned with the influence of digitalisation on language, media use and publishing channels as she is with the question of the nature of good storytelling, which is not necessarily found between book covers.

As a journalist, author, and project manager, Caroline has launched many very different publications, ranging from classic publishing to indie publications and self-publishing.

In 2016, she founded Thaumazo to bring like-minded people together and to promote the transformation of the book market with selected projects.