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1. The best growth strategies are value-driven.

2. Successful communication needs to know what people care about.

3. And after 'nuclear anxiety' and 'eco anxiety', we are now also facing 'privacy anxiety'.

These articles wander at the intersection of identity theories, mental health, business models and communication strategy with a pinch of tech news and legal updates.
So here is what to know for future-proofing an online strategy, inviting and retaining long-term customer trust, and growing a business sustainably.

Sustainable E-Commerce

by: Caroline Helbing

The close ties between data protection and environmental protection

Of course, sustainability is a known topic for e-commerce companies. However, it is still treated as a "nice-to-have". Except for manufacturing companies, especially in D2C and pre-loved resellers, who have included certain environmental protection, recycling or fair trade goals in their mission statement. These companies are obliged to report transparently and expect scrutiny for "green washing".

For all other business models, sustainability measures are on the to-do list as a communication idea 'as soon as we have time'. Ignoring, that in the long term the topic of sustainability might be far more important for the company's success than the occasional bit of good PR.



Digital Lifestyle - Why companies need to talk about "Privacy Anxiety".

by: Caroline Helbing

Data privacy gets a lot of attention these days. But it needs the right kind of attention.

As a mandatory task, a legal issue,  and a - more or less annoying - admin topic -, data privacy is a regular on the management agenda. Yet, over-saturated with GDPR requirements, cookie banners and “the right to be forgotten”, it is easy to overlook that protecting customer data in the age of digitalization actually touches the core of any business who runs online channels. In fact, it can play an existential role in corporate communications and in the future-proofing the company’s business model.

We are only now beginning to take a phenomenon into account that is as disturbing as it was predictable: Privacy Anxiety.




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