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From manuscript to published author

If you have an idea for a book in mind, you already know what it should say. You are an expert on the content. But publishing is about more than good content: You want to reach people - and inspire them! How your are saying it is at least as important as what it is that you want to say.

Form and perspective, tone of voice and marketing, business model and market positioning have to blend into a perfect match. To achieve your publishing goals, your expertise and enthusiasm must spark a fire in your readers.



To publish: Birthing your idea into the world

Your expertise, your fresh ideas need to get out into the world to make a difference. You know that your message is important. We help growing your ideas to the next level in production and communication - so they will get the attention they deserve.

This is our a common goal: successful publications that people will love and admire.


  • There may be a manuscript sitting in your desk drawer for years already.

  • You may be an expert in a new field of study, or you might know of a market gap that urgently needs to be closed.

  • You may have published a number of books already, but this time you would like to take the lead in production and communication yourself.
  • Or maybe you even have a defined project that you want to review, update and improve.

As soon as your decision is ripe that you want to take action, we should talk!

Publishing Strategy


Your best moment for strategy is now!

Writing a book can feel like a "messy mucky middle" from start to finish. But having a plan will guide you through!

Have you thought about your audience in terms of a specific personas? Do you know in which house and to which platforms to publish?
In order to develop your thoughts into a publishable work, we recommend answering these questions early on rather than too late! This will help you immensely already working on an early manuscript and before starting the content editing process.

Whether you are an author looking for basic guidance, planning an unprecedented book that needs to carve out its own path, and even if you already have your publishing plan laid out and want to discuss some details on how to approach it:

We help you develop the right strategy and tactics for your publishing goals and audience.


Book Production


Making the most of your options

If you decide against a traditional publisher for strategic or personal reasons, I will be happy to inform you about your options in self-publishing, publications as another mainstay of your business, or even starting your own publishing company.

Thaumazo has a network of experienced experts in market research, channel and format selection, layout and design, and printing and production.

We produce high-quality, outstanding books in hardcover, softcover, e-book or audio book format - for you or in cooperation with your company.




Market authentically and with ease

As a self-publisher, but also for authors with a classic publishing contract, the personal connection to your audience is the leverage success factor for outreach.

Authors who are afraid to engage in public relations, blogging, newsletter marketing and authors readings will miss out on multiplying their promotion and sales potential.

Our PR and content marketing experts will help you to develop a communications and marketing approach that feels authentic and enjoyable for you.



Juggling creativity and business needs

With the launch of a book, you officially become an entrepreneur, or rather "authorpreneur". Campaigns, sales targets and contacts with other creatives as well as with your audience will need your attention now, too.

At the same time and especially now, you need to maintain a creative routine. After all, you are probably planning to publish more books in the future. With a strong personal network, a set of management tools and a support team finding the right balance is a given and not a matter of luck.

We help you balance creative time and career goals. 


THAUMAZO Portfolio and References

Merchandise and Swag

Merchandise and complementary accessories round out your publication and promotion activities. Giveaways, shirts or stationery items create a connection in everyday life and turn readers themselves into designers.

Events and public relations

Show yourself! Public appearances are the best way to make your competence and personality approachable and tangible. We support you in planning, preparation and implementation of your PR activities.

Outreach with expert knowledge

Their expertise and experience open the door to more reach and collaborations in the form of guest articles, interviews, panels or invitations to appear on shows or podcasts.

Positioning and pricing

Positioning a publication in the market is part of the creation process. Choosing the market segment, genre, target audience, and distribution will influence publication's type, format, and pricing.

Media production

Every publication, every media product has its own needs. For best results, we work with a network of designers, editors, printers, voice-over artists, editors and communicators.

Podcast and Audiobook Production

In times of visual sensory overload, audio content plays an increasingly important role in the media landscape. With relevant statements and your authentic voice, you will in stay in your readers' ears.

Distribution and logistics

Whether brick-and-mortar bookstores, publishing networks, online platforms or local retailers: We will find the best right sales channels for every book.

Publishers and Indie Publishing

Independent publishers, self-publishing, large or small publishing houses: There are many different ways to successfully publish books today. We advise authors in this process and accompany this strategic decision.

Ebooks and digital content

Digital formats have become a publishing standard. We produce ebooks of all platforms and evaluate the potential of additional content such as videos, blogs or online courses.

Licences and foreign rights

Translations and further publication formats open up new markets for successful books. You decide which licenses you want to transfer or continue to hold.

Highest print quality

Print does not contradict digital channels, instead it will rather consolidate and deepen your desired debate. Nothing is more durable and valuable than a printed book.


Do you have any questions, feedback, or would you like to know more about our work?

We would love to hear from! Please get in touch and write a few lines in the form beneath.

Thaumazo Publishing
Caroline Helbing
Sondershauser Straße 103
12209 Berlin


About thaumazo

[thaumázō] –  to wonder, admire, be amazed (ancient Greek).


Who we are

Thaumazo is a publishing and communication studio with the goal of bringing high quality content to the market and advancing companies in their segment in terms of communication.


Who you are

Our clients are authors with bestseller aspirations and companies that take communication seriously at eye level.


Our Why

We like to work on value-oriented, interdisciplinary topics. Our focus is on strategy and channel-optimized storytelling - because no one can turn down a good story!


Where we come from

Founder Caroline Helbing is a communications expert and philosopher with many years of experience as Head of Product, Head of Customer Management and Content Strategist in e-commerce.

At the same time, as a journalist, author and project manager, she has launched many very different publications from traditional publishing to indie publications and self-publishing.


Where we are going

Thaumazo marries both fields: high-quality publishing products and multi-channel content creation go hand in hand today.

Because authentic communication is highly individual, Thaumazo has established a broad network of professionals and creatives since 2016. This allows us to flexibly respond to your requirements and strive for the best result in each case.... and achieve it.


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